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When life happens, you need an advocate with the litigation experience to face seemingly insurmountable obstacles head-on. Whether you’ve been charged with a first, second, or third DUI, drug possession, a traffic violation or worse, the attorneys at Galigani Law Firm have your back.

We are trial attorneys. However, contrary to what you see on TV, we don’t just go to court and argue. The attorneys at Galigani Law Firm take the time to review the specifics of your case, analyze the facts and the law, and then work with you to define the best legal strategy to resolve your situation.

Each client is different. Each case has different issues. We will listen to your concerns and put you first. We will use the law to your advantage. We will force the other side to show their cards as they try to prove their case against you. We will effectively negotiate the best deal possible and if that fails, we stand ready to defend your interests at trial.

Criminal Cases We Handle

Our firm has successfully defended thousands of criminal cases throughout central Florida over the past 35 years.Learn about different crimes and potential penalties, defenses, and strategies for achieving a favorable result.

Florida Criminal Defense

  • Florida Criminal Process

  • Arrest Warrants / Bench Warrants

  • Deferred Prosecution

  • Early Termination of Probation

  • First-Time Offenders

  • Seal or Expunge Criminal Record

College Student Representation

  • University of Florida

  • Florida State University

  • Hazing

  • Furnishing Alcohol to Minors

  • Non-Criminal Conduct Violations

  • College Disciplinary Hearings

  • Cheating and Plagiarism

Dedicated Focus on DUI Defense

Attorney Dean Galigani devotes a significant portion of his practice to defending those accused of drunk driving. Learn about important factors in DUI cases, including aggravating factors, potential penalties and defenses.

Areas We Serve

Conveniently located in Gainesville, Galigani Law Firm proudly serves North Central Florida including Alachua County and the surrounding comnunities.

Proudly Serving these Florida Counties

Client Testimonials

Over the years, Galigani Law Firm has represented Floridians facing criminal charges and other legal issues. Hear what some of our former clients have ot say!

The best there is!

Dean has been my lawyer on a couple of cases my most recent one was a felony charge that was completely dismissed. Highly recommend definitely the best experience and customer service!

May 3, 2024
| posted by
, Avvo user


I appreciate how quickly I was helped. Thank you so much. Definitely made for a great Christmas present.If you want someone who can handle your case quickly and professionally, this is the place to go. You’re in good hands.

May 3, 2024
| posted by
, Google user

There are lots of lawyers, but only one Dean Galigani

I had met with about three other lawyers before meeting with Dean Galigani. He quietly listened to my issues and then decided that he wanted to help me. He made sure that I wanted help and was capable of proceeding with getting emotional and psychological counseling. He outlined his plan and expectations for the case during our initial meeting and genuinely wanted the best for me. Mr. Galigani proceeded through with the plan and kept me informed of his progress. Dean Galigani has a thorough knowledge of the Alachua County/City of Gainesville legal system and he is is incredibly adept at solving issues without going to court. All expectations were met and the case handled as planned. His fees were in no way exorbitant and had I known how amazing he was as a lawyer I would gladly have paid more for his services.

July 28, 2015
| posted by
, Yelp user

No attorney could have done better

I worked personally with Mr. Galigani and Mr. Hines. They advised me concerning the charges I was facing and kept me updated on how things were going. After they met with the prosecutor, the charges (a Third degree felony) were dismissed. I recommend them with the highest possible confidence rating. Also, Jill in the office was very comforting and helpful.

June 3, 2015
| posted by

Gave me a clean slate! Impeccable service!

Dean Galigani and his office staff were extremely helpful in assisting me with my legal issues. After I initially contacted his office, I received a prompt response. Staff were always pleasant and professional. I always found it incredibly easy to get in touch with Dean and his staff. All of my questions and concerns were always answered with straightforward and substantial responses, which really helped put my mind at ease! He was able to have my record expunged and have the order in my hand only a couple of months after my initial contact with his office. I would highly recommend Dean Galigani and the Galigani Law Firm to anyone seeking legal defense in north central Florida!

April 15, 2015
| posted by

Honest, Skilled, Responsible

Dean Galigani was supportive when my son was arrested for underage possession of alcohol. He was an excellent communicator throughout every step of the process of defending my son. He had a logical strategy developed through years of experience and successfully got the case dismissed. His prices were reasonable, too. I highly recommend him and would gladly seek his services again…but my son better not need them!!

April 4, 2015
| posted by
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North Central Flordia Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges, you can’t afford to take a chance on your defense. With your freedom, employment opportunities, and reputation at stake, it’s important to turn to a defense attorney who will fight hard as your advocate. An experienced criminal defense attorney is essential to pick out the real details of your case and fight the prosecution.

Galigani Law Firm is dedicated to representing those charged with criminal offenses in Gainesville, FL and surrounding communities. Whether a client is facing misdemeanor drug charges, traffic violations, or felony possession of marijuana, they get the full benefit of decades of experience and knowledge at their side, every step of the way.

Dean Galigani, the founder of Galigani Law Firm, has over 35 years of experience representing thousands of clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges. Be confident you have a legal expert on your side and explore your options with the criminal defense attorneys at Galigani Law Firm.

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DUI Lawyer in Alachua County

Red and blue lights flashing in the mirror are the last thing people hope to see on their way home from a night out. Especially for first-time DUI offenders, this situation can be traumatic and confusing. It’s not just jail time – a conviction for a DUI can also be extremely damaging for anyone employed in security-sensitive industries or hoping to pass a background check cleanly.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Gainesville, Ocala, Williston, Lake City, Lake Butler, Starke, or the surrounding areas, our attorneys can help you find a better outcome. We provide aggressive and proactive representation for clients facing a first DUI, second DUI, third DUI, underage DUI, DUI with serious bodily injury, DUI manslaughter, drug-based DUI and other related cases. Our DUI attorneys will help you every step of the process, from initial arrest to administrative license suspension hearing, and every step beyond.

Remember: an arrest does not necessarily mean conviction will follow. Even if you feel that you failed a field sobriety test or chemical test, including the breathalyzer, blood, or urine test, you may not be guilty of the offense. This testing is often the central key to the prosecution’s case against you, but it is not infallible. Improper machine maintenance, poor training, medical conditions, and electronic interference may all play a role in the outcome of the test. With our close attention to detail, our attorneys explore every factor of your case that can be used to your benefit.

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A Proven Defense Firm That You Can Trust

Dean Galigani is the premier choice for a DUI defense lawyer in Florida.

Whether you value a proven track record, a commitment to his clients, or a straightforward, no-nonsense attitude, Lawyer Dean Galigani is the right choice.

With over 35 years of specialized practice in DUI defense, Galigani has an understanding of Florida’s DUI laws that go beyond the competition.

Attorney Galigani’s approach is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a personalized strategy for each case. He understands that every DUI charge is unique and takes the time to investigate thoroughly. Each case begins with an interview, and is followed by dozens to hundreds of hours of background work requesting documents, subpoenaing witnesses, and preparing your case.

Galigani stays up-to-date with the latest legal precedents and technological advancements in DUI testing. This knowledge, combined with his formidable courtroom presence and negotiation skills, makes him a choice advocate for anyone facing DUI charges.

DUI cases are stressful – and costly. However, a good DUI attorney can make the difference between years in prison and a light fine. Don’t try to go it alone – hire Florida’s top DUI attorney today to represent you for DUI-related charges.

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Gainsville, FL Defense Attorney

We are experienced trial lawyers who will aggressively defend you both inside and outside of the courtroom. No matter who you are, Galigani Law Firm is ready to provide the highest quality of care in North Central Florida.

Whether you’re a:

  • Student
  • Parent
  • Working Professional
  • Out-of-state visitor
  • Public Official
  • or someone in between, we’re here for you.

Beyond DUIs, we also provide legal defense for the following charges:

Contact the experienced lawyers at Galigani Law Firm today to receive the representation you deserve.

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Contact a Florida DUI Attorney

Located in Gainesville, FL, our law firm proudly serves the needs of anyone facing misdemeanor or felony offenses. We provide representation to Alachua County, Marion County, Levy County, Gilchrist County, Union County, and nearby areas. Home to the University of Florida and other fine institutions, our community is filled with bright and diverse personalities.

Call us today at (352) 375-0812 if you or a loved one needs legal assistance in a criminal case or a related administrative matter.

No matter the severity of your case, we will provide you with the highest levels of attention and make every effort to fight for your best interests. We appreciate the trust that our clients have placed in us throughout the years, and commit to repaying this trust back with the highest level of care possible.

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