When you are convicted of a crime in Florida, probation can be a preferable alternative to jail or prison, offering a way for you to pay your debt to society while moving on with life and being rehabilitated when necessary. After a while, however, the probation process can become resource-prohibitive for both the offender and the state.

At a certain point, probation can take time and money from the offender and the state that could be put to better use – such as the offender becoming a more productive member of society. When you have had good behavior, and release from probation could benefit your success as a rehabilitated offender, early termination of probation could be an option for you. An experienced Alachua County defense lawyer can help you determine eligibility for early release, as well as work towards the early termination of your Gainesville probation.

Gainesville Attorney for Early Termination of Probation

If you have been dutifully serving your probation sentence in Alachua County, Marion County, or Columbia County, including Gainesville, Ocala, and Lake City, and believe you are eligible for early probation termination, contact the experienced defense lawyers of Galigani Law Firm in Gainesville. They will work with you to determine early termination of probation eligibility, gather appropriate information, and petition for your early release in Alachua County or the surrounding areas.

When it comes to the early termination of your probation, Dean Galigani and the experienced defense lawyers of Galigani Law Firm will work to show the court the benefits both to society and to the state your early release has the potential to have. To schedule your free initial consultation on what Galigani Law Firm can do for your early termination of probation petition, call (352) 375-0812 today.

Florida Early Termination of Probation Information Center

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Requirements for Early Termination of Probation in Florida

According to Fla. Stat. 948.04, defendants who are found guilty of felonies and placed on probation are not to be on supervised probation for more than two years unless the court or a statute specifies otherwise or the defendant is serving the probation in lieu of remaining prison time in a split sentence per Fla. Stat. 948.12. These limits also do not apply to probationers who are on probation or community control for sexual battery or child abuse; they must serve their full term.

However, if you are on probation that is not related to a split sentence or a penalty for child abuse or sexual battery, you may be eligible for early release. According to Fla. Stat. 948.04(3), you may be eligible for early termination of probation if your performance on probation has been satisfactory if you have not violated any terms of your probation, and if you have met all court-ordered financial sanctions such as fines, court costs, and restitution. The court may release you early from probation voluntarily, or you and your experienced Alachua County defense attorney can petition for your early release from supervision.

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Filing for Early Termination of Alachua County Probation

Generally, a person on probation or under community control in the state of Florida is not eligible for early termination of probation or other supervision until at least half of his or her sentence as been served. You can, however, petition for early termination at any time you or your experienced Gainesville defense lawyer believes you are eligible, so long as all the special requirements of your supervision have been completed. Even if the judge informed you of your ineligibility for early termination, it is possible that you will still be allowed to terminate early.

To file for early probation termination, you or your qualified Alachua County attorney must file a Motion to Terminate Probation with the county clerk. A copy must also be sent to the State Attorney’s office and to your probation officer. Your name, case number, and type of underlying offense must appear on this motion, and attached should be a Proposed Order for the judge to sign if he or she grants the motion. Your attorney can make sure all the paperwork for the motion is in order and work with your probation officer so that he or she is also on board.

Once your motion is filed, a hearing date will be set and a Notice of Hearing will be sent both to your probation officer and the state attorney’s office. At the hearing, an experienced Gainesville area attorney can show the court the benefits to the state and your rehabilitation as a citizen your early release will have. If you are successfully released early, no further supervision by the court is required.

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Probation Term Modification in Gainesville

When early termination of your probation is either not an option or not yet an option and you have a need that exceeds the limits of your probation terms, a qualified defense lawyer in Gainesville can help you petition the court for a modification of your probation terms. Generally, probation modifications are granted by the court for circumstances like family emergencies or ongoing family situations and conducting business related to your job.

Modification of your probation can also include removing curfew restrictions and revising no contact provisions. While probation modification is no replacement for complete termination, it may give you the reprieve you need to make life better in the meantime. An experienced probation modification or termination attorney serving Alachua County can help you with this process.

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Alachua County Early Termination of Probation Resources

Alachua County Probation – The Alachua County probation program implements supervision requirements like monthly reporting and counseling for individuals on probation for ordinance violations and misdemeanors. For more information on the probation program in Alachua County, contact:

Sharon L. Longworth
Probation Program Supervisor
14 NE First Street
Gainesville, FL 32601

Florida Department of Law Enforcement – It is the purpose and mission of the FDLE to promote public safety, strengthen domestic security, and assist local, state, and federal criminal justice agencies in preventing, investigating and solving crimes while protecting the visitors to and citizens of Florida. The regional operations center in charge of the Gainesville area is located at:

921 North Davis St.
Building E
Jacksonville, FL 32209
Gainesville Field Office: (352) 313-6524

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Galigani Law Firm | Early Probation Termination Lawyer in Hernando County

When the probation handed out at sentencing is particularly lengthy, it is possible for the continuance of your probation in Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, or the surrounding areas in and around Alachua County to become counterintuitive. If you believe this is the case for you, contact the experienced criminal lawyers at Galigani Law Firm. They will work with you to petition the court for your early release from probation. Your first consultation is free, so call (352) 375-0812 today to schedule yours.