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This page features reviews from previous clients from across Florida, attesting to Dean Galigani's dedication to every client and personal approach to criminal defense trial law. These samples of client's opinions give you an inside look into the quality of Dean Galigani's services.

Avvo Client Reviews


December 24, 2015 posted by Amanda

"I appreciate how quickly I was helped. Thank you so much. Definitely made for a great Christmas present.If you want someone who can handle your case quickly and professionally, this is the place to go. You're in good hands." - Amanda

There are lots of lawyers, but only one Dean Galigani

July 28, 2015

"I had met with about three other lawyers before meeting with Dean Galigani. He quietly listened to my issues and then decided that he wanted to help me. He made sure that I wanted help and was capable of proceeding with getting emotional and psychological counseling. He outlined his plan and expectations for the case during our initial meeting and genuinely wanted the best for me. Mr. Galigani proceeded through with the plan and kept me informed of his progress. Dean Galigani has a thorough knowledge of the Alachua County/City of Gainesville legal system and he is is incredibly adept at solving issues without going to court. All expectations were met and the case handled as planned. His fees were in no way exorbitant and had I known how amazing he was as a lawyer I would gladly have paid more for his services."

No attorney could have done better

June 3, 2015 posted by Rob

"I worked personally with Mr. Galigani and Mr. Hines. They advised me concerning the charges I was facing and kept me updated on how things were going. After they met with the prosecutor, the charges (a Third degree felony) were dismissed. I recommend them with the highest possible confidence rating. Also, Jill in the office was very comforting and helpful." - Rob

Gave me a clean slate! Impeccable service!

April 15, 2015 posted by Sammy

"Dean Galigani and his office staff were extremely helpful in assisting me with my legal issues. After I initially contacted his office, I received a prompt response. Staff were always pleasant and professional. I always found it incredibly easy to get in touch with Dean and his staff. All of my questions and concerns were always answered with straightforward and substantial responses, which really helped put my mind at ease! He was able to have my record expunged and have the order in my hand only a couple of months after my initial contact with his office. I would highly recommend Dean Galigani and the Galigani Law Firm to anyone seeking legal defense in north central Florida!" - Sammy

Honest, Skilled, Responsible

April 4, 2015 posted by David

"Dean Galigani was supportive when my son was arrested for underage possession of alcohol. He was an excellent communicator throughout every step of the process of defending my son. He had a logical strategy developed through years of experience and successfully got the case dismissed. His prices were reasonable, too. I highly recommend him and would gladly seek his services again...but my son better not need them!!" - David

Galigani Law - A firm to be believed

December 28, 2014 posted by Lenora

"From the first telephone consult to the last meeting in person, Dean Galigani has made a marked impression on me. Although Dean handles many criminal cases, he is also very knowledgeable about the inner workings of issues relating to the UF process. Dean explained his course of action but gave us the freedom to chose how we wanted to proceed. He is very professional yet shows a true interest in his client. Galigani Law Firm charges were fair and the estimates given were right on target with the final cost. Dean's staff are friendly, courteous, and thorough with messages to and from Dean. I know that you will not be disappointed when hiring Dean Galigani to represent you with your legal needs." - Lenora

Marijuana Charge and Open House Party

November 7, 2014 posted by Andrew

"I have hired Dean Galigani for both of my cases, Marijuana possession and throwing an open house party. Dean was successful in getting my Possession charge expunged and my Open house party case dismissed. He also handled the university student conduct meeting and attained a favorable result. - Andrew"

Mr. Galigani gave me my life back

October 19, 2014

"When faced with 1st and 3rd degree felony drug charges, I did not see much of a future. Over the course of approximately 30 months, I was consulted through an intensive pre-trial diversion program that I luckily found my way into because of Mr. Galigani's diverse network. Throughout this process, he not only worked to keep me out of jail, but also kept me in school, and allowed me to maintain career growth. The final results were a clean record after the charges were dropped and expunged. I cannot thank Mr. Galigani enough.I would highly recommend the Galigani Law office to anyone in the Gainesville area. If you are feeling stuck, reach out and see how they can help."

Life saver

July 3, 2014 posted by Benjamin

"Dean was able to get me the best sentence for the charge I was up against, which was a felony charge for a hit and run. He seemed to legitimately care about me and what happened in my case and his law office personally went out of the way to see that I got the best outcome. This was a real blessing because I have a family and I needed the best outcome to happen for them. Another great thing about Dean is that he doesn't over charge for his services. The lawyer I consulted before him charged twice as much as what I ended up paying with Dean. I am thankful to have been lucky to stumble across Dean and his fellow co-workers at his firm." - Benjamin

Fantastic criminal lawyer

May 12, 2014 posted by Kathleen

"I had to hire Dean Galigani for a criminal case involving a relative. He is professional, knowledgeable in criminal law, well connected in Gainesville and returns calls promptly to answer any questions. Due to his efforts, we were able to obtain a prompt satisfactory resolution to a serious legal problem. His fees are fair and well worth the legal representation received. Summa cum laude in all aspects." - Kathleen

Reduced DUI to Reckless Driving with Alcohol

March 16, 2014 posted by Andrea

"I hired Dean Galigani back in 2012 after a DUI arrest on university campus. Out of all the lawyers that I contacted, he stood out to me for one reason: he wanted to do what was best for my situation, not what would make him the most money. Dean immediately warned me that he would not try to fight this matter in court unless necessary. As a result, he worked towards an agreement that would reduce my charge. Additionally, he worked with me to make sure that I could financially afford his assistance and successfully closed my case without me having to reside in Gainesville, Florida. These factors were very important considering that I was on the brick of graduating from undergrad and would be soon entering graduate school in a different city. Within two months of my DUI arrest, Dean was able to secure that my charge be reduced to reckless driving with alcohol on the condition that I met a list of terms as well as successfully completed probation. Although my deferred prosecution took some time, I can’t image having resolved this issue with another lawyer or in another manner. Not only did Dean reduced my charge but also periodically checked on me to make sure I was ok. Today, he is currently working towards sealing my criminal background and again, worked with me to ensure that I could afford this process. Dean Galigani is a lawyer that actually cares about his clients and remembers who they are outside of their legal issues. He is the lawyer you should hire if you want experience, compassion, and successful results." - Andrea

Knowledge and experience

November 4, 2013 posted by Ashley

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mr. Galigani for the past 15 years. Dean is the type of lawyer that other attorneys go to for advice. His knowledge and experience is second to none and he's handled every type of criminal case possible. If you have a criminal case in Alachua County or the surrounding areas, Mr. Galigani is the attorney you need to handle your case." - Ashley

Charges Dropped

June 22, 2013 posted by Angela

"Mr. Galigani was able to get all my charges dropped. He was very responsive and made me feel as if I was his first priority. I would recommend him to anyone who has any criminal charges." - Angela

Charges Dismissed

April 14, 2013 posted by BW

"Dean is a kind, compassionate person, a rarity in a field that can turn Gandhi into a cynic. His concern for me as a person, as well as a client, was evident whenever I spoke with him. He honestly cares about his clients as people, not just cases. He didn't promise miracles, though he delivered one. When he called me and announced that the state attorney had dropped the charges, I was stunned. The state attorney was a hard case and I didn't think she would let go of that bone, but Dean has a wealth of experience and knowledge that most defense attorneys can't match, and a desire to help his clients get the best possible outcome. I honestly don't think I could have gotten that outcome with any other lawyer." - BW

Fights for you!

March 29, 2013 posted by Gage

"Mr. Galigani fought for my case for almost an entire year without relent until we got the outcome we wanted. He consistently kept me in the loop and I only had to appear in court once - which was huge for me. Dean truly takes his clients' cases to heart and will give it his all. His rates are very fair - do not hesitate to hire Dean Galigani!" - Gage

Great lawyer, even better person

February 27, 2013 posted by Adam

"Thankfully, I have not required the services of a lawyer often in my life. But the one time I did I had no idea where to go. A mutual friend referred me to Mr. Galigani and I was very impressed from the first meeting. Dean was very upfront and honest with me . After the next several meetings, I truly believed that he was going to do anything in his power to help me. That is exactly what happened. Everything that was required of me was laid out for me and easy to follow. Dean obtained the"best case scenario" results that we had discussed when he took my case. That is great and I am appreciative of that. But more importantly, Dean was friend when a friend was needed most. His genuine care for the people around him and those he represents is evident immediately. That friendliness and genuine care is exactly what is needed when people are facing the law. He took the intimidation and the "unknown" out of the equation, and he did it in such a way that allowed me to move on with my life. For that I am forever grateful. If you want the best, call the Galigani Law Firm. I do not often write reviews for services rendered. I am compelled to do so in this case as my experience truly changed my life. I absolutely mean every word when i say great lawyers, and even better people." - Adam


February 17, 2013 posted by Michael

"Mr. Galigani spent little billable time on my case. I didn't have to appear in court. And, the initial client interview was quick and professional." - Michael

My One Stop Shop

November 15, 2012 posted by Criminal Defense client

"Whenever I have had any concerns regarding legal issues Mr. Galigani and his staff is my first point of contact. Mr. Galigani has helped me overcome many obstacles and along the way. He understands my worries and events that occur that give me anxiety and he helps alleviate those concerns. Due to prior experiences and the positive attitude of the firm, I have chosen to use them again to help me resolve post-issues involving my initial case. After my first contact with them, Dean called me the next day and was able to recall all of our previous encounters almost a year later! If you are in need of a compassionate, experienced, and knowledgeable attorney, the Galigani Law Firm can help you. - Criminal Defense client"

Helped save my career

July 27, 2012 posted by DB

"Mr. Galigani aided me in reducing two felony charges, an amazing outcome! The firm not only assisted me in resolving my criminal charges he concurrently assisted me in resolving academic sanctions as well. His firm met with me and consulted with me the day I walked in. The firms staff was courteous and compassionate, and everyone knew me by first name, which I appreciated. During the entire process I was worried about the outcome, but Mr. Galigani was there to answer any questions I had and also provided me with guidance and counseling to help me become "reintegrated" into the community. His fees were extremely reasonable and he was willing to work with my current situation. Without Mr. Galigani's help, I am sure I would have had a much worse outcome, and I am so glad I walked through his door. Thanks Dean!" – DB

Gainesville FL Lawyer

June 6, 2012 posted by Trish

"Dean Galigani outlined his plan and expectations for the case during our initial meeting. Mr. Galigani proceeded through with the plan and kept me informed of his progress. In my opinion, Dean Galigani has a thorough knowledge of the Alachua County/City of Gainesville legal system. All expectations were met and the case handled as planned." - Trish

Great lawyer in Gainesville

March 12, 2012

"Gave knowledgeable advice and seemed genuinely concerned for my well-being. As a college student, I was reassured by his experience with criminal law and DUIs. Would definitely recommend to a friend."

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