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Galigani Law Firm – Alachua County

Alachua County is home to the University of Florida, a diverse natural ecosystem and more than 240,000 unique residents. Galigani Law Firm is committed to working hard to helping these residents through their criminal or family legal matters. With decades of experience in Florida law, the attorneys at Galigani Law Firm hold fast to the goal of providing Alachua County with expert legal counsel.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Alachua County

If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony offense, such as DUI in Alachua County, it is important to remember that anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You should never speak to police without having a knowledgeable Alachua County criminal defense attorney present and on your side. If you have criminal charges in Alachua County and need help determining your options, contact Galigani Law Firm

Dean Galigani of the Galigani Law Firm is experienced in tackling the toughest criminal cases that many residents of Florida are facing including a first DUI offense, marijuana possession in High Springs or juvenile crime. Call Dean Galigani today for more information regarding your legal options.

Alachua County Court and Legal Resources

Alachua County Courthouse – The Alachua County Court System makes decisions for criminal cases including felonies, criminal traffic offenses, and misdemeanors. The Court also maintains jurisdiction in certain matters related to family law, civil action, juveniles, probate, domestic violence, mental health, foreclosure, landlord/tenant disputes, and other matters.

Alachua County Criminal Justice Center
220 South Main Street
Gainesville, Florida, 32601

Alachua County Sheriff’s Office – The Alachua County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to providing protection and law enforcement to the residents of Alachua County and their property. The sheriff’s office can be located at:

2621 SE Hawthorne Road
Gainesville, FL 32641
(352) 367-4000

Alachua County Clerk of the Court – The Clerk is considered an officer of the Court, who also processes matters related to marriage, property, and other licenses. The clerk can be located at:

220 South Main Street
Gainesville, Florida 32601
(352) 374-3636

Alachua County DUI / Traffic School – This is a link to an approved DUI and traffic school in Alachua County for individuals who have been ordered to attend either a DUI or defensive driving program. The school can be located at:

3710 NW 51st Street, Suite A
Gainesville, FL 32606
(352) 377-2566

Alachua County Cities

Gainesville – 32601, 32603, 32605, 32606, 32607, 32608, 32609, 32641, 32653
Alachua – 32615, 32616
High Springs – 32643, 32655
Newberry - 32669
Hawthorne - 32640
Archer - 32618
Waldo - 32694
Micanopy - 32667
La Crosse – 32658

Galigani Law Firm | Alachua County Criminal Attorney

If you have legal matters concerning criminal law, contact the skilled Florida attorney’s at Galigani Law Firm. The lawyers at Galigani Law Firm will apply their extensive knowledge of Florida law to your individual case to reap the best resolution possible. Contact Galigani Law Firm today for a free consultation about your circumstances at (352) 375-0812 or send an online message.

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