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Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP)

The cycle of familial violence is devastating and can be difficult to stop. According to the National Victim Center, a family member experiences some type of abuse every 12 seconds across the nation. Women, in particular, are most likely to be injured by their intimate partner or family member than a stranger. In an effort to stop the vicious cycle of abuse, the state of Florida now requires some offenders to participate in domestic violence intervention programs.

DVIPs, also known as batterer’s intervention, is an intervention program focused on individual and group therapy to address concerns within the family. Florida offers DVIP to some offenders as an alternative to traditional statutory penalties such as time in jail/prison. If the program is completed in an allotted time, the initial charges may be reduced or dismissed altogether.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a domestic violence offense, we encourage you to look into domestic violence intervention programs with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Batterer Intervention Classes | Domestic Violence Attorneys for in Gainesville, FL

Domestic violence isn’t as simple as it’s portrayed in movies or film. The abuse is often deeply entrenched in family norms and it can be difficult for all parties involved to process it entirely. That is why we highly encourage you to hire an experienced defense attorney so they can advocate for you to participate in a domestic violence intervention program (DVIP). 

An attorney can assess the facts of the case and present evidence as to why participation in a DVIP would be more beneficial than jail time. They can also negotiate with the prosecutor and judge on why DVIP is the appropriate sentencing condition. If you’re in need of a domestic violence attorney, set up your first consultation with the Gainesville batterer intervention program lawyers at Galigani Law Firm.

You can reach our offices at (352) 375-0812 or submit an online contact form to set up your first consultation free. Galigani Law Firm accepts clients throughout the greater Alachua County and Gainesville area including Newberry, Alachua, Waldo, Archer, La Crosse and Micanopy.

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What is a Batterer Intervention Program (or DVIP) in Florida?

Domestic violence is a complicated issue in society and it’s often perpetuated by a cycle of normalized behaviors. For some families, this level of abuse is so deeply ingrained from prior generations it can be difficult to determine what is an act of domestic violence or not. In an effort to address these complex issues, the state of Florida requires some domestic violence offenders to participate in an intervention program (DVIP).

Domestic violence intervention programs, also referred to as batterer’s intervention programs, were designed to address issues between the defendant and their family. The program is heavily focused on group and individual therapy and other treatment methods to rewire how families interact. Some DVIP programs will require the defendant to complete a substance or alcohol abuse evaluation and treatment if necessary. Successful completion of the program will either result in the defendant’s charges being dropped or reduced. 

DVIPs can range in length, but typically they are 29 weeks long. Most programs are composed of 24 weekly sessions and possible additional assessments such as orientation events. These programs are unique as they each have their own set of norms and rules. The only way to qualify for a DVIP is to plead guilty to all charges.

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Domestic Violence Intervention Programs (DVIPS) in Alachua County, FL

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What Happens if I Fail to Complete the Batterer’s Intervention Program?

Domestic violence intervention programs can be demanding and require a good amount of your time and money. You will have to pay for the classes yourself and attend weekly group counseling sessions despite work obligations. These situations and others like it can often make it hard for the defendant and their family to complete the conditions of the DVIP.

However, it’s important you understand that failing to attend sessions or completing the conditions of the program have serious consequences. Failure to complete the program by missing sessions or other conditions can lead to criminal penalties. Since the DVIP is a part of your probation, any missed group session or other condition could constitute as a violation.

Violating your probation could result in several outcomes. The judge may add conditions to your already long list of probationary conditions, or they may extend the probation even further. The worst-case scenario, however, is that the court may revoke your probation altogether. That means you’ll be facing the statutory penalties again, which can include time in jail or prison. 

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Additional Resources

National Domestic Violence Hotline – Visit the official website for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, a crisis line for those who are struggling with domestic violence. Access the site for tips from domestic violence survivors, their stories, domestic violence statistics, and answers to frequently asked questions for the hotline.

Batterer’s Intervention Program Provider List | FL Courts – Visit the official website for the Florida Courts to read up on their list of providers for batterer’s intervention programs or DVIPs. Access the site to learn the requirements for the program, which programs are located under which circuit court, and who to contact for more information.

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Defense Attorney for Domestic Violence Batterers in Gainesville, FL

If you or someone you know has been charged with a type of domestic violence crime, it’s important you can an experienced attorney like the legal team at Galigani Law Firm. Both our attorneys have over 30 years of collective experience we’re ready to put to the test for you. Our legal team can assess your case and determine if you’re eligible for a domestic violence batterer’s program today. Don’t waste another moment that could be dedicated to your defense. Call Galigani Law Firm today. 

Galigani Law Firm accepts clients throughout the greater Alachua County and Gainesville area including Micanopy, Waldo, Archer, La Crosse, Alachua, and Newberry

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