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Alachua County Drug Court

In an effort to decrease the population in county jail, the county of Alachua has implemented a Drug Court program. Alachua County Drug Court is considered a pretrial diversion program that is based on the philosophy rehabilitation from substance abuse is the best way to curb recidivism. The program aims to stop the vicious cycle of reoffending through a therapeutic model rather than a punitive one.

If you or someone you know may be eligible for Alachua County Drug Court, it’s within your best interest to contact an experienced drug defense lawyer. Your attorney can examine the facts of your case and determine if you’re eligible for the program. They can even advocate for your eligibility on your behalf in front of a judge. Don’t wait any longer or take any more chances with your freedom. Call an experienced drug crimes lawyer today.

Alachua County Drug Court Attorney, FL | Pretrial Diversion Program

If you or someone you know has been arrested for a drug-related offense, they may be eligible for Alachua County drug court. Find out if you meet the criteria by speaking to a skilled attorney with the lawyers at Galigani Law Firm. Our legal team with our decades of combined experience can assess the facts of your case to determine if pretrial diversion is possible.

Call the attorneys at Galigani Law Firm today at (352) 375-0812. Galigani Law Firm accepts clients in Gainesville and throughout Alachua County including Alachua, Hawthorne, Micanopy, Newberry, Archer, and High Springs. 

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Alachua County Drug Court Program

Alachua County established a drug court diversion program in an effort to decrease the frequency of which drug addicts reoffend. Instead of focusing on penalizing the offender, the program instead chooses therapeutic methods including individual and group counseling. The treatment is broken into three phases consisting of therapy, acupuncture/mediation, support groups, community service, and accountability to the Drug Court Judge.

If you finish the first phase of the program, you’ll be given a deferred prosecution agreement by the State Attorney. The agreement will include all charges and state these charges will be nollied if you are able to complete the entire program. The best part of the program is you won’t be asked to plead guilty or nolo contendere to any charges. An oral plea of not guilty is entered on your behalf by your legal representation.

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Eligibility for Alachua County Drug Court Program

In order to be eligible for Alachua County’s drug court, you must be charged with a non-violent felony crime. You must also not be on current state probation or VOP status for any other offense. Some property crimes may be accepted into Drug Court if there is no restitution. 

You are eligible for Drug Court with a felony drug possession charge, but not one for sale of a controlled substance or possession with intent to distribute. The only way you can be eligible for Drug Court with those charges is if the Assistant State Attorney assigned to the case agrees to it. Any history that shows you indicated a failure to appear in the past may affect your eligibility for Drug Court.

Please note, the Alachua County Drug Court will not accept any applicant with a history of felony violence or a high number of violent misdemeanor convictions. 

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Alachua County Drug Program Requirements

The Alachua County Drug Court consists of three phases that must be completed if you want your charges dismissed. The program’s first phase is a minimum of one month in length. You must demonstrate three consecutive weeks of sobriety in order to progress to the next phase of the program. During this phase, you will have to attend meeting regularly in the morning and attend a weekly status hearing. 

Once you’ve finished that phase, you will move onto the second stage. This phase is a minimum of 90 days in length and you must demonstrate sobriety for at least the last 90 days of the program. At this phase you will have to attend meetings three times a week as well as a status hearing at least twice a month.

The third and final phase of the program is also 90 days long. You must demonstrate at least 90 days of continued sobriety in order to graduate. During the final phase, you will have to attend an evening group at least once a week and a status hearing once a month.    

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Additional Resources

Alachua County Drug Court – Visit the official website for the Eighth Judicial Circuit to learn more about the Alachua County Drug Court. Access the site to learn more about the requirements for the program, penalties for violating the program’s rules, and more.

Florida Drug Laws – Visit the official website for the Alachua County Drug Courts to learn more about their laws regarding controlled substances. Access the site to learn more about the different drug offenses in Florida, the penalties upon conviction, and other important information. 

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Alachua County Lawyer for Drug Court | Gainesville, Florida

Have you been arrested for a drug offense? You may be eligible for Alachua County’s Drug Court program where you can avoid jail time and have your charges dismissed simultaneously. To learn more about the program and if you are eligible, call the defense attorneys at Galigani Law Firm. We’ve helped countless clients apply and be accepted into the Alachua County Drug Court program and can do the same for you.

Call Galigani Law Firm today at (352) 375-0812 to set up your first consultation free.

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